Reduced Noise Pollution Technology at Luton

New technology in use at Luton Airport should see a substantial reduction in noise pollution. This is thanks to the new Area Navigation technology for departing flights, following successful trials over a four month period in 2013. The roll out has been backed by NATS, Air Navigation Service Provider, airlines, along with local stakeholders and […]

Boarding pass VAT scam

Ever wondered why you have to show your boarding pass at every shop in the departure lounge? I have, and it winds me up. I can buy a meal in any of the restaurants without a problem, and yet, if I want to buy a bottle of water and a bar of chocolate, the self-service […]

Monarch Add 600,000 Seats Across UK Airports Next Year

Monarch Airlines has announced it is to expand its Summer 2016 routes, by adding an additional 600,000 seats. As a result, the airline will operate an additional 3,200 flights during the year. The increased flight services will be to… Birmingham to Gibraltar, Birmingham to Ibiza, Gatwick to Ibiza, Gatwick to Rhodes, Gatwick to Phaphos and […]