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Highest Crime Rates at Aberdeen Airport

It’s been reported that the levels of crime recorded at Aberdeen Airport are rising.

Four times higher than in previous years, Aberdeen Airport is suffering from a mix of criminal and disorderly passenger behaviour.

For figures that cover 2014/15 the number of crimes reported were four times higher than those three years ago, which sees incidents at 391, yet there were just 119 incidents in 2012/13.

Offences that occur include driving incidents, ‘fire raising’ activity upon aircraft, adults drunk and in charge of minors, threatening and abusive behaviour, and sexual assault.

In a bid to combat the rising criminal activity, staff at the airport have now been issued with the power to give formal warnings. These then go into a system that registers any repeat offenders, whereby a charge is then enforced.

A spokesperson for the airport said, “Security will always be a top priority and we work closely with Police Scotland to ensure our airport remains a safe environment for everyone who passes through our doors. The increase in figures can be attributed to a recent change which now enables Police Scotland to issue formal warnings to those who are in breach of airport by-laws as opposed to informal warnings, as was the case previously.”

Whilst a spokeswoman for the Scottish Police Force added, “Officers based at Aberdeen International Airport are present to ensure the safety of passengers, staff and crew of the airlines who operate there.”