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Advanced In-flight Wi-Fi Services Announced by BA

British Airways has announced it has signed a deal that will provide advanced in-flight Wi-Fi services.

This will mean that passengers will be able to make FaceTime and Skype calls whilst in the air during long haul flights. What’s more, they will even be able to choose from hundreds of movies via Netflix.

The new service, expected to commence next year, which will be rolled out across 118 of its aircraft, is expected to be the fastest Wi-Fi service onboard long haul flights, say BA.

The deal, with technology firm, Gogo, has been signed with BA’s parent company, International Airlines Group – IAG. It is believed to be costing BA £30 million, which equates to a cost of £250,000 per aircraft.

It is yet to be confirmed whether this service will be chargeable, although it is expected that a basic service will be free, with higher end services being charged for.

Speaking about the new service, IAG’s Chief Executive, Willie Walsh, said, “We believe this will be the best Wi-Fi on international flights anywhere. This will be exactly as if you’re connected to Wi-Fi in your house. We’ll be able to have everybody on board using multiple devices and we’re going to get speeds that are similar to you being at home.”