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Brexit In Holiday Hike Warns PM

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has warned the public that Brexit could push the cost of a week’s holiday to Europe up by £230 as well as seeing an end to duty free limits.

If the UK votes to leave the EU, something that the PM whole heartedly disagrees with, he believes that the pound will fall, seeing prices for air travel and accommodation hike.

What’s more, he warns that the popular booze cruises across the continent wouldn’t be financially viable for consumers.

The Treasury has backed Mr Cameron’s warnings, but issuing its own statement, cautioning the British public that holiday increases could go up as early as this summer, as it predicts that the pound will fall by 12%.

The PM also warns travellers that Brexit would see the end of free healthcare in Europe – the EHIC card – and the end of mobile phone data roaming charges.

Mr Cameron said, “All the evidence points to the value of the pound falling after a vote to leave the EU. A weaker pound means people’s hard-earned savings won’t go as far on holidays overseas.”

As well as rising holiday costs, the pro-EU Conservative party warn of job losses, lower wages, higher inflation and falling house prices.