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Different Opinions on Flying Over War Stricken Countries

Airlines across the globe have very different stances on flying over troubled countries, following the air disaster involving Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 last month.

Virgin Atlantic, Air France and Emirates are not flying their aircraft over Iraq due to the concerns over Islamic militant activity. However, British Airways continues to fly over the country, with no plans to change, as do Etihad Airways.

And in the last week, Lufthansa, Qantas and Royal Jordanian have also stopped flying over the troubled country.

In the US, regulators have ordered their airlines to fly at higher altitudes of 30,000ft; whilst USA airlines, Delta and United have confirmed they will not be flying over the country.

In a press announcement, British Airways’ owners, International Airways, Chief Executive, Willie Walsh, said, “We fly over Iraq because we consider it safe – if we thought Iraq was unsafe we would not fly over Iraq.”