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Even Smaller Hand Luggage Rules Threatened!

Just when you thought hand luggage couldn’t get any smaller, there’s a serious threat coming that it will be.

The new restrictions, that are being suggested by the International Air Transport Association, would mean a bag would be a mere 55 x 35 x 20 cms. That’s significantly smaller than British Airways and easyJet’s current size, and even Ryanair who is renowned for having the smallest allowance of all the airlines.

The reason for the proposal by IATA, is they say, that with smaller luggage all passengers on planes carrying 120 or more seats would ensure their hand luggage would actually fit onboard. Rather than those last boarding passengers who often find no space for their luggage, when it then has to go into the main hold.

Already, several airlines have agreed with IATA – Air China, Cathy Pacific, Emirates, Lufthansa and Qatar – with changes coming into force next year. What’s more, luggage manufactures, quick to get in on the expensive changes to passengers, are already working on new sized hand luggage bags, which will carry an IATA Cabin OK logo.

So far no UK carriers have confirmed they will be making the changes; however, always check with the airline you are travelling with on their own specific hand luggage size rules. Every airline has a different sized hand luggage rule, with some allowing an additional handbag, other certainly not.