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Gatwick easyJet Passenger – Boarding Information

Those easyJet passengers flying out of Gatwick Airport should be advised that they must arrive 30 minutes before their flight’s departure time or risk being refused entry.

The airline is cracking down on punctuality with its 15 million passengers who fly out of Gatwick each year, to ensure its 60 flights that operate out of the airport leave on time.

Currently the airline is ranked 192 out of 196 for punctuality out of the world’s airports. At Gatwick, during March, around 79% of its flights arrived on time or within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival; however this sees a drop compared to the same month last year when its stats stood at 86%.

Speaking about the new ruling, an easyJet spokesman said: “That is why we ask passengers to be at the gate no later than 30 minutes before the flight departs. This means that if passengers are still to clear security they will be unable to achieve this, particularly at larger airports like Gatwick when walks to some gates can take up to 20 minutes.

“We are implementing this to eliminate unnecessary journeys for passengers. The vast majority of our passengers arrive as we suggest at the gate before 30 [minutes] to board the aircraft.”
Those passengers who arrive later than the 30 minutes, who will find that the boarding gates have official been closed, will be told to go back to the travel desk to rearrange their flight.