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Huge Rise in Foreign Travel

Despite the terror attacks in recent years, it seems that British travellers have not been put off by overseas travel.

In fact, last year, overseas travel rose by its highest since 1998 – by 9.4%.

This equates to 65.7 million travellers in 2014/15, according to the Office for National Statistics, numbers of which ABTA say show the “resilience” of the British.

Unsurprisingly, Spain remained the most popular holiday hot spot for British tourists, with 13 million visits, equating to a fifth of all overseas travel.

Inbound travel also grew, as overseas visitor numbers increased by 5.1%, to 36.1 million into the UK.

Interestingly, Britons seem to spend more money – the British travellers spent £39 billion abroad, whilst our overseas counterpart spent just £22.1 billion visiting the UK. The largest number of overseas travellers into the UK was the French, closely followed by the Germans and Americans.

A spokesperson for the Office of National Statistics said, “The 9.4% growth recorded in overseas holidays during the year is the largest annual rise in nearly 20 years, and spending on holidays exceeded pre-crisis levels for the first time since the recession.”