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Scottish Travel Boom

Online travel agent, Tripsta, as recorded a boom in business this summer, thanking the effects of Brexit, BFG and Ewan McGregor!

Flying to Aberdeen, Islay, Orkney and Shetland, some of its flights saw an uplift of 21%.

The travel agent believes that the increase has been thanks to many travellers concerns over Brexit and so have tried a ‘stay-cation’ this year. Plus, with the filming of smash hit film, The BFG, in the area and TV hits such as Outlander and Highlands, featuring Ewan McGregor, many travellers have fancied seeing the beauty that’s on their doorstep this year.

Speaking about the increase, Philipp Brinkmann CEO of tripsta commented; “An increase in Scottish staycations over the summer is in line with a decrease in European travel from the UK which we noticed immediately after the Brexit vote. We experienced a significant tumble in European travel bookings from the UK – down 90 percent on the 24th of June and 69 percent in the two weeks that followed. It is now clear that this trend continued into the summer period with UK holidaymakers responding to a more expensive exchange rate through their choice of holiday destination – and some clearly chose to holiday in the UK. It seems the Brexit vote presents a real opportunity for growth within the UK’s tourism industry.”