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TripAdvisor Launches Airlines Review

Consumers can now share their options, giving reviews, on TripAdvisor for airlines.

The new service will compare flight options so travellers can compare and contrast between airlines.

The idea was born from feedback on a TripAdvisor survey that showed air passengers were finding it increasingly more difficult to find, not only the total cost of a flight, but what in flight services were included because weren’t always easy to find.

Passengers it seems want to compare not just cost but also service, such as baggage allowance and in-flight services. The new TripAdvisor service will allow just that.

Commenting, TripAdvisors’ Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Global Flights product, Bryan Saltzburg, said “it’s not always straightforward to find the best product by looking at the base line price. Over the years, the in-flight experience has changed dramatically – in some ways for the better, in some ways for the worse.”