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USA Security Queue Jump Scheme by Virgin

Virgin Atlantic has joined America’s TSA Pre-check Programme, a scheme whereby passengers who register in the TSA Pre can omit queuing through security when departing the US.

It’s a first for any UK airline, and is expected to be extremely popular with travellers, who could spend as little as just five minutes passing through security via this scheme – even at major US airports.

Passengers must first meet the criteria for the TSA Pre scheme, and join the US Global Entry Service – a charge applies for this of $100, plus £42 to the Home Office. They will then be issued with a Traveller Number or Customs and Border Protection issued PASSID, visible on their Virgin confirmation and boarding card. This awards them the convenience of passing through dedicated TSA Pre security lanes, both quickly and efficiently.

In a launch statement issued by the airline, it said, “With TSA Pre, there’s no need to remove shoes, light jackets, or belts. Laptops and compliant liquids can also remain in hand luggage, making the trip through security at the airport a breeze.”

Whilst Mark Anderson, Executive Vice President, Customer, at Virgin Atlantic, added, “We’re thrilled to be the first UK airline to offer our customers the ability to expedite their security screening process in the US using TSA Pre.”