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Flight Punctuality Falling Across UK

10 of the largest UK airports has suffered from falling punctuality.

In the third quarter of 2014 flight punctuality fell by 5% to 75% across monitored airports in July to September, according to the latest figures from the Civil Aviation Authority.

However, some airports’ punctuality fell far more than the averaged 5%…

… Take Luton, which fell to 12%, along with Gatwick falling to 11% and Stansted falling to 9%.

The average delay was 14 minutes for scheduled flights, an increase of 2 minutes compared to the same time in 2013.
The average delay for charter flights was 18 minutes, again, 2 minutes more than in 2013.

Speaking about the results, Group Director for Regulatory Policy at the CAA, Iain Osborne, said, “Passengers should be able to rely on arriving at their destination in good time, and flight punctuality has steadily improved in recent years.?The figures for the last two quarters are disappointing and it is now for the industry to do all they can to improve punctuality performance.???Notwithstanding this, we are aware of several mitigating factors which have recently affected flight punctuality including airline strikes in France and Germany and several periods of poor and foggy weather.”? ?