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Holidays On Hold After Brexit

According to recent research by, five million of the UK’s usual holiday makers are putting their annual holiday on hold following Brexit.

This figure – 1 in 10 of Brits – results in a change of plan, putting holidays on hold following the uncertainty of the UK and money markets.

5% – equating to 2.5 million – have said they will be postponing their summer getaway plans until things have calmed down.

Whilst another 5% are opting for a ‘stay-cation’ following the Brexit announcement – that’s 25 million British holiday makers who will now holiday in the UK.

This figure of ‘stay-cationers’ is an increase of 7% compared to last year, with many citing on the VoucherCode research that they plan to spend less than the average £686 because of the EU referendum. While 18% of those surveyed said they couldn’t afford to travel overseas.
Of those holiday makers, 12% will be heading to Cornwall – the most popular UK holiday destination for the fifth year running. And with an increase in flights and capacity many will be taking to the air rather than road.

London is the second most popular UK destination, with the Lake District coming in as the third most popular place.