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Industry Thoughts On Heathrow Expansion

As last week the Airports Commission recommended Heathrow for expansion, here’s what some of the industry had to say…

Liverpool John Lennon Airport, CEO, Andrew Cornish, who has always been a firm supporter of Heathrow expansion said, “Liverpool John Lennon Airport welcomes this news and now urges the Government to give the go ahead of this important expansion of Heathrow so that regional airports such as Liverpool can soon benefit too by the opening up of access to the UK’s hub airport for improved worldwide connectivity”.

Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of said, “As the extra runway would mean a quarter of a million more flights every year, this would be very good for the UK economy and also for holidaymakers looking to travel abroad. More flight times and options will surely mean better deals, perhaps making holidays even more accessible to the masses. I think this can only be a positive thing; despite the disruption that would be unavoidable whilst the runway was being built.”

Managing Director of Manchester Airport, Ken O’Toole, said, “The Commission’s report highlights the essential role that aviation plays in connecting the UK to the world, and it is now for Government to develop a policy spanning the short, medium and long term that will deliver the capacity needed for the country to thrive in a modern, global society. Aviation policy must address the need for the UK to develop a strong network of competing airports, and ensure that best use is made of capacity available at Manchester in the period before any runway can be delivered – something that will take 15 years or more.”

Heathrow’s Chief Executive, John Holland-Kaye, said, “This debate has never been about a runway, it’s been about the future we want for Britain. Expanding Heathrow will keep Liverpool and the whole North West at the heart of the global economy. We will create the world’s best connected, most efficient and most environmentally responsible hub airport at the heart of an integrated transport system. The Commission has backed a positive and ambitious vision for Britain. We’re ready to connect Liverpool to global growth at the earliest opportunity and will now work with the government to deliver it.”

However, Gatwick is now lobbying the Government as it believes the Commission report severely underestimated the passenger numbers Gatwick would yield by building a second runway. It also believes that Heathrow will not meet the strict pollution level caveat put in the recommendation.

The Government is set to make its final decision by the end of the year.