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No Expansion Vote for Boris

According to a leaked Government paper, Boris Johnson will not be involved in the decision over airport expansion.

Former Lord Mayor of London, and champion of the building of a new airport in the Thames Estuary, dubbed ‘Boris Island’, it is believed that he will not be on the committee which will decide upon airport expansion in the South East.

Downing Street has yet to confirm which MPs will make up the committee. And currently there is no set date as to when a decision will be made, although many officials are hopeful that the rumour mill runs true and it will be on 18th October, having already been postponed twice.

In the meantime, both Gatwick and Heathrow continue to go public on why they should be granted permission over the other.
Interestingly, The Times newspaper has speculated that both airports could be expanded. It believes that the Prime Minister will give Heathrow permission in the first instance, but also approve expansion at Gatwick; in a bid to increase airport capacity – already at breaking point in the South East – in the wake of Brexit.