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3 logos to identify reputable meet and greet parking companies

With all the recent negative publicity surrounding meet and greet parking, particularly at Gatwick, it’s hardly surprising that some people have been put off booking it in the future.

It’s a real shame as meet and greet parking, at any airport, is so convenient, when it’s being operated by an experienced, reputable company – and there are many around.

Unfortunately, the poor service offered by some companies casts doubts over the whole industry, and when you’re faced with a multitude of smart, professional-looking websites, it can be difficult to tell who is who.

Gatwick meet and greet parking company Help Me Park* has devised a simple way of spotting reputable companies instantly – you just need to know what to look for.

Here are their quick tips:

Look for logos of professional bodies

      1. Buy with Confidence logo
        Buy With  Confidence logo

        Trading Standards Buy With Confidence scheme has been extended to meet and greet parking companies, and their logo signifies you are dealing with a reputable local businesses checked and approved by Trading Standards
      2. ParkMark logo
        Park Mark logo

        Managed by the British Parking Association, the Safer Parking ParkMark logo identifies companies whose parking facilities have been vetted and approved by the police.
      3. Gatwick Approved Operator Scheme
        gatwick airport approved op
        Gatwick Airport’s Approved Meet and Greet Operator Scheme was introduced in July 2013, and identifies companies that have proved that they can provide a high level of professionalism and service. If you are booking valet parking at Gatwick, then look for the Gatwick Approved Operator Scheme logo.Gatwick Airport strongly advises against using any parking supplier who is not an Approved Off-Airport Parking supplier.

Look for a secure server when paying (https)
When paying for your parking online, make sure the website is using industry-standard SSL encryption software that encrypts all your card details and personal information. You’ll be able to recognise a secure page by the prefix https:// or a green address or the padlock in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser window.

If you spot the above three images on your chosen company’s website then chances are you’re dealing with a reputable meet and greet parking company.

If you have any doubts and you want to double-check the company’s credentials then visit the following sites:

*Help Me Park is a Gatwick Approved Operator, is Trading Standards Buy with Confidence approved and holds the Safer Parking ParkMark award for its car parks.