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Solar Energy To Power Third of Belfast Airport

The first solar farm in Northern Ireland will power one third of all the energy used at Belfast Airport.

The solar farm, in Antrim, which has an output capacity of 4.83MWs, has been built by Lightsource Renewable Energy – the third largest renewable energy provider outside of China – will provide power to not only the airport but also to around 1,200 neighbouring homes.

The farm will save 2,100 tonnes of carbon emission each year, which equates to 469 cars being taken off the road each year. What’s more, the panels can still create electricity even on the country’s notorious cloudy days.

Speaking about the project, Lightsource’s Chief Executive, Nick Boyle, said, “Energy intensive businesses can now choose to procure solar electricity with no hassle, and Lightsource remains at the forefront of this exciting paradigm shift.”

Whilst Operations Director at Belfast Airport, Alan Whiteside, said: “Belfast International Airport is pleased to be working with Lightsource on this unique project. We will become the core customer for Northern Ireland’s first solar farm via a private-wire connection. We’re breaking new ground with this exciting venture. Not only does it give us the opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint, but it also means reduced energy costs while improving the integrity of our supply.”