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Birmingham to Dubai Airbus A380 Takes Off

It’s been an exciting week for Birmingham Airport as the world’s largest jet flew in, ready for its regular Birmingham to Dubai service.

Emirates has started to fly between Birmingham Airport and Dubai, using its Airbus A380 aircraft, having seen the opportunity and demand by passengers using the airport.

Carrying a staggering 600 passengers, the use of the aircraft will help Birmingham Airport’s big passenger growth plans. These plans have seen great investment by the airport to accommodate such superjumbo by international airlines.

Speaking about the new Airbus A380 service, Airport Operations Director, Bob Graham told the BBC, “£1m had been spent on the infrastructure needed to host the plane, which was a fantastic opportunity to bring in more passengers to the airport”.

Whilst Emirates spokesperson, Craig Burrows, added, “The challenge is trying to turn the aircraft around safely and securely. We need extra ground service equipment which we have to ensure gets on the aircraft safely and there’s more fuel up-lift and a lot more baggage to be carried on the aircraft due to the bigger number of passengers.”

Last year the airport saw 15 million passengers pass through its doors, a number that’s set to increase this year.