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Choc’s Away at Birmingham Airport

Passengers flying out of Birmingham Airport make get a bit of a sweet chocolate craving this year…

That’s because Birmingham Airport was presented with a magnificent chocolate airplane, courtesy of neighbouring Cadbury World.

The huge chocolate creation, a propelled vintage‘esq looking flying machine, weighs in at a staggering 70kg! That’s a lot of duty free chocolate!

In fact, it’s the same as 1,555 standard Cadbury Dairy Milk bars, and took a mere two days to make.

The chocolate aeroplane is mostly milk chocolate, covered in an edible bronze paint, with white chocolate propellers, and edible silver dusting paint for the windows; and of course dons the iconic Cadbury’s logo.
Passengers can see the giant plane where it is on display in the airport’s departure lounge over the summer where it is accompanied by an informative time-lapse video showing its creation.

As well as the chocolate aeroplane, which was presented to the airport to celebrate the long standing partnership the two organisations have had. What’s more, Cadbury’s has also created a timeline highlighting the mile stones of their impressive 190 year history!

Speaking about the innovative chocolate plane, Cadbury World’s Marketing Manager, Diane Mitchell, said, “Our chocolates are known for their impressive creations, and we’re delighted to add this chocolate aero plane to the list. We love collaborating with other local businesses to celebrate the city, and hope that visitors will enjoy seeing the creation as they jet off on holiday.”

Whilst Birmingham Airport’s Head of Commercial, Richard Gill, added, “Having such a globally recognised brand at Birmingham Airport, through both its range of products within our commercial space and now this wonderful chocolate plane creation, is fantastic. Not only is this a fun spectacle for those jetting off from Birmingham Airport this summer, it also reinforces our relationship with Cadbury which is a fellow local Midlands brand.”