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Flybe to Canx Birmingham to Waterford Service

Flybe has announced it is to cancel its service between Birmingham and Waterford.

This now puts the future of Waterford regional airport in jeopardy, as Flybe are the only carrier using the airport for this one specific route.

All of the airline’s flights on this route will be cancelled from March.

It’s a bitter blow to Waterford Airport’s management, as the airline cancelled the airport’s only other route, to Manchester, last October.

Ironically, the news comes during the same week that Waterford County Council gave permission for the airport to extend their runway, at a cost of a €500,000, to secure new airlines.

One thought on “Flybe to Canx Birmingham to Waterford Service

  1. John Longford

    I am not surprised that Flybe did not make a success of the route. Previously there was a flight in and out every day now there are only flights on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. This hardly encourages passengers to use the airport. It would be a great shame if no other airline took up Waterford.