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Blackpool International Airport Closes on 15th October

No buyer has been found for Blackpool International Airport, and as a result the airport will cease operations on 15th October 2014.

In a statement posted on the airport’s website by owners, Balfour Beatty, who have owned the airport 2008, it said, “Unfortunately there is no option for the company other than to close.” After it announced that no buyer had been found by its sale completion deadline yesterday, 7th October.

Up until the 15th October, operations will continue as normal.

The closure of the airport, which sees 235,000 passengers a years, will mean that 110 staff will lose their jobs.

2 thoughts on “Blackpool International Airport Closes on 15th October

  1. gary mcgaffney

    a sad day for blackpool when it loses its airport. the blame is not all balfour beatty and can be traced back to 1994/5 when Ryanair and easyjet launched their cheap flights revolution. Blackpool council led by Graham Essex Crosby gave the go ahead for a new airport terminal for which the business case was not justified. Blackpools catchment area was severely impeded with both Liverpool and Manchester being so close. Blackpools main runway was also a problem as it could only take a certain type of aircraft and not the more profitable larger aircraft. Ryanair was operating out of blackpool to Dublin, isle of man, and Belfast and as part of this new revolution asked for severely reduced landing fees. Blackpool losses at the time were around 250000 a year which was picked up by the council. Without a doubt, the increased activity would have lead to more short term losses but in the medium to long term would have got many more people passing through the airport and actually using it, which I believe would have lead to more airlines using the facility. Essex Crosby and the Blackpool Airport led by Roy Minnear and Gary Eastwood, did not have the sufficient commercial flair or risk appetite, to take that risk and as a result we have the closes today. Now Minnear, Eastwood and Essex Crosby may “take a a different view” but unfortunately for them the figures never lie.

    Ryanair 1994 carried 1.6 millions passengers and had 523 employees. it had 11 aircraft in the fleet.

    Blackpool airport had 79000 passengers use its terminal in 1994 and had 50 staff. The airport lost 250,000 that year.

    in 2013 20 years later

    Ryanair carried a staggering 81,668000 passengers (81 million 668 thousand) and had 9600 employees and a fleet over 500 and made profits over 523millions euros.

    Blackpool airport had 262000 passengers use its terminal made a loss of over 1 million and had around 70 staff.

    congratulations to Micheal O Leary a true risk taker, and lets hope the three stooges Eastwood,minnear and Essex Crosby are enjoying their days grazing on a grass verge where they belong.

    gary mcgaffney
    company accountant
    blackpool airport 1992-1994

  2. Paula Garrett

    @Gary, Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    It’s interesting to hear an insider’s view of what was happening back in the 90s.

    It certainly is a sad day for Blackpool Airport and I’m not sure it’s one they can recover from – there was mention on the local news this morning that the airport would be put into liquidation.

    From an outsider’s perspective, the withdrawal of Ryanair does seem to be a pivotal point in the airport’s history. And while Ryanair does seem to negotiate rather too well for some airports’ liking, they do bring a significant number of passengers – and their spending money – to regional airports.