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Bristol Airport Drives Into the Future

The Ground Transportations team at Bristol Airport has successfully completed a Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) course, operated by local company, Somax Ltd.

The course teaches drivers the skills and knowledge for driving in safe and controlled areas, perfect for the strict driving styles required within the airport grounds.

A large part of the driving course educated how safe and consistent driving also makes huge fuel savings.

16 drivers attended the one day course, which was a mix of practical driving and classroom based activities. Assessing the driving skills before and after the course, the latest fuel efficient monitoring technology reported that the drivers were now making a 12% fuel saving.

Speaking about the course, Melanie King, Environment Manager at Bristol Airport, said, “We are delighted to be working with Somax Ltd. on this driver training initiative which follows other initiatives to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, including electric charging points in car parks for use by staff and customers, and the introduction of an electric vehicle used by the IT department when installing and maintaining equipment across the Airport site. Taken together, these projects will make a real difference to the energy we consume through ground transport use.”

Whilst, Simon Werkshagen, Managing Director, Somax Ltd, added, “We have been delivering SAFED since 2004 and have delivered the program to over 800 drivers with similar fuel efficiency seen with all our customers; it is a tried and tested training program. All the drivers that took part in the program not only learnt new driving techniques to minimise fuel but also reinforced areas of practise within driving that had diminished over the years. Each driver was open to criticism and fun was had by all. The most important part of SAFED was achieved in that the drivers will adopt these slight changes in driving technique whilst at work and also for themselves when away from the Airport keeping the environment clean and our roads safer.”