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Bristol Tops Global Punctuality Table

Great news for Bristol Airport as it comes out top in a global league table for punctuality.

Its on-time performance rating was 94.6%, the best in the world!

The table, compiled by leading global aviation intelligence provider, OAG, collected data from 43.5 million flight records, across 4,000 airports across the world in 2014, looking at flights that departed and arrived within 15 minutes of their scheduled time.

Speaking about its worldwide number one ranking, Robert Sinclair, CEO at Bristol Airport, proudly said, “We are delighted that Bristol Airport has topped the table in OAG’s Punctuality League measuring flight punctuality across the world in 2014.”

Bristol Airport as thrived during 2014 and is set to have a successful 2015, as the airport looks to add new airlines and new destinations to its portfolio of flights.

Mr Sinclair added, “This achievement is a joint effort and is testament to the collaborative approach taken by airlines, ground handlers and our own team. It demonstrates the advantages offered by regional airports such as Bristol, where airlines operate in uncongested airspace with greater flexibility and resilience in the event of any disruption. It also shows the clear benefits of our continued investment in infrastructure over the last decade or more, from the installation of a CATIII all-weather landing system to the construction of new boarding facilities such as the central walkway which opened last summer.”