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Edinburgh Flight Path Anti-Campaign

A campaign group against new flight paths relating to Edinburgh Airport, Stop Edinburgh Airspace Trial, has said it will continue to protest over the plans.

The trial, that was stopped early in June, instead of the planned end of December date, operated aircraft departing every minutes, instead of the current two minutes.

However, Stop Edinburgh Airspace Trial , say it caused ‘misery’ to residents.

After 8,000 complaints were received, from 567 people, and as a result they will not give up on their petition against the trial going live.

However, from those complaints, it is said that only 43% were related to the trial flight paths, the rest were related to flight paths that had been in operation since the airport began, back in the mid-1970s, so says a new report issued by the airport.

Speaking about the report by Edinburgh Airport, Helena Paul, Stop Edinburgh Airspace Trial (Seat) spokeswoman, said, “This amateurish report gives rise to serious concerns, they have found the route not to be flyable under all conditions, and their report seems to seriously underestimate the volume of complaints and the sense of outrage people felt, yet they seem determined to press ahead regardless of the misery they cause to thousands of people.”
It is grossly unfair to impose noise levels of over 80 decibels on people who bought their homes far from any flight paths and had no reason to worry about aircraft noise. The airport can grow without creating new flight paths and imposing noise on people. We will fight this all the way.”

A decision as to the success of the trial is yet to be reached, with a final decision expected at the end of this year.