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Airline Terminal Changes at Gatwick


Later this month, three of Gatwick’s most popular airlines will be making changes to the terminals they fly in and out of.

There will be airline terminal moves at Gatwick for…

• easyJet
• British Airways
• Virgin Atlantic

ALL flights will operate from the NORTH terminal as from 24th January.

British Airways
ALL flights for BA will fly in and out of the SOUTH terminal from 25th January.

However, an earlier addition to the terminal change will be the British Airway’s BA 2272/3 New York (JFK) flight which will move earlier, flying from to/from the South Terminal from 11 January.

Along with flight BA 2613/2 Naples (NAP) which will also move earlier and fly to/from South Terminal from 19 January.

Virgin Atlantic
ALL flights by Virgin will fly from the NORTH terminal from 25th January.

If you do find yourself in the wrong terminal for departure you can easily get to the correct one using the airport’s quick and easy Monorail, which runs every couple of minutes.

If you fly before these dates you will fly from the original terminal, however you will land in the new terminal if arriving on or after these move dates.