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Don’t get caught out – always use a Gatwick Approved Operator for meet and greet parking

Gatwick meet and greet parking made the headlines last week for all the wrong reasons.

The BBC Wales’ X-Ray programme revealed what happened when the Burns family entrusted their car to Gatwick valet parking company RS09.

According to the programme – which can be viewed here for the next 21 days – when the Burns family returned from holiday, their car was not waiting for them.

After initially being told his car wouldn’t start, Mr Burns found out, Five hours after his return, that his car had in fact been stolen by a rogue employee.

Almost a month later, having spent more than £1,000 on car hire, the Police informed Mr Burns that his car had be found in a car park near Horsham.

Airport meet and greet parking is an extremely convenient way to park your car, especially if you have young children, so rather than allow stories like this to deter you from using the service, it’s wise to learn how to spot the reputable companies.

How to safeguard your vehicle when using Gatwick meet and greet parking:

Always use a Gatwick Approved Operator. In July 2013, Gatwick Airport established its Approved Operator scheme for meet and greet parking companies in an attempt to regulate the industry and protect its travellers.

Gatwick Airport states on its website:

“Gatwick Airport strongly advise against using any parking supplier who is not an Approved Off-Airport Parking supplier as these other companies may not have any industry accreditation.”

All Gatwick Approved meet and greet parking companies, of which there are currently 13, have

  • Been inspected and approved by Trading Standards, and been awarded their Buy With Confidence award
  • Have had their car parks inspected by the Police to ensure that they are secure – car park checks are made annually to ensure standards are maintained
  • CRB checked all their staff

If a meet and greet car parking company is good enough for Trading Standards and Gatwick Airport, it should be good enough for you too!

At the time of writing, the following companies hold Gatwick Approved Status:

  • ABC Gatwick
  • Airparks
  • APH
  • Cophall Parking
  • Diamond Parking
  • ECO Parking
  • Help Me Park
  • I Love Meet and Greet
  • Just Valet Parking
  • Maple Manor
  • Meteor Meet and Greet
  • Ace
  • Tudor Rose

But if you want to double check, visit on of the following sites: