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Gatwick Approved Operator Scheme begins today

Today, 10 July 2013, sees the introduction of Gatwick Airport’s Approved Operator Scheme for meet and greet parking companies.

The scheme, which will restrict meet and greet parking operations on the terminal forecourt to Approved companies only, could mean confusion for customers of non-approved companies.

Meet and greet parking companies that fail to meet the criteria required to join the scheme:

  • Hold the ParkMark safer parking award for all their car parks serving the airport
  • Have obtained Trading Standards Buy with Confidence accreditation
  • Sign up to the Approved Operator scheme

Will have to collect and return customers’ vehicles somewhere in the multi-storey car parks – they will not be able to meet customers on the airport’s forecourts, neither will they be able to use the dedicated meet and greet parking zones in the multi-storey car parks.

Gatwick Airport estimates that there are between 50 and 60 meet and greet parking companies operating at the airport, however, interestingly, there are only nine meet and greet parking companies that are Approved Operators.

While majority of the Approved Operators are continuing to meet and greet their customers on the airport forecourts, a couple have chosen to move operations to the multi-storey car parks. Approved Operators have been updating their websites to reflect any changes made, however, there could be some confusion today for customers of non-approved companies.

With the introduction of Gatwick Airport’s terminal access policy today also, which makes the terminal forecourts drop-off-only zones, customer pick-ups from the airport terminal and vehicle collection and returns by non-approved meet and greet parking companies are prohibited.

For a list of Approved meet and greet parking operators at Gatwick visit:

If you’ve been affected by the changes to Gatwick Airport’s Approved Operator scheme or its access policy, feel free to leave a comment below.

One thought on “Gatwick Approved Operator Scheme begins today

  1. Jon S

    I work for and I can tell you than many people worry about inadvertently leaving their car with a shady meet and greet company. I hope this scheme works out and weeds out all the bad operators, but I also hope it does not damage business for good operators.

    At Gatwick. something had to be done. I live just a few miles away from Gatwick airport and I have seen over the years just how many bad news meet and greet companies have ripped people off, parking their cars on public roads or in other insecure locations.

    A few great Meet and Greet services not on the approved operator list, I do hope this doesn’t damage business for them.