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Gatwick Exceed Year 2030 Passenger Number Target

Unsurprisingly, as Gatwick reports record passenger numbers month on month, the airport has exceeded its passenger number target for 2030 in 2016!

The passenger target for 2030 of 42 million was expected to be reached by 2030 – seeing Gatwick break this by a whopping 14 years!

So of course this adds fuel to Gatwick’s fire over its urgent expansion needs to build a second runway.

In August alone this year, the UK’s second largest airport – and the world’s busiest single runway airport – saw its passenger numbers increase by 5.7%.

Speaking about the news, Stewart Wingate, Chief Executive at Gatwick, said, “Our performance proves beyond any doubt that the Airports Commission’s report is fundamentally flawed.

Gatwick has had its busiest ever August, long haul routes have gone through the roof and we have just passed the 42 million passenger mark 14 years ahead of when the Airports Commission said we would.”

The airport is hugely important to major international airlines, as they further invest in new routes; many of which are long haul destinations – which grew by 25% in August compared to the period last year.

Mr Wingate added, “The Airports Commission said that Gatwick could not deliver long haul routes yet we have added 20 this year alone putting us in the premier league of airports in Europe that serve 50 or more long haul links.”

Despite many delays on an announcement over which airport will be granted permission to expand – Heathrow or Gatwick – there is hope that the Prime Minister will make an decision this autumn.