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Gatwick Parking Company Causes £4k Damage to BMW

A brand new BMW was damaged by yet another rogue trader operating out of Gatwick Airport.

Proof, if more needed, that travellers must be so careful to only use reliable, reputable meet and greet parking companies that have been awarded the coveted Gatwick Approved Operator status by the airport.

This time we tell the tale of Mrs Laura Kanareck, who returned from her holiday to find her brand new BMW was covered in scratches, to the tune of £4,000 worth of damages.

Best Meet and Greet Gatwick were charged with looking after Mrs Kanareck’s prestigious vehicle for two weeks over the festive season.

When she came to collect her vehicle, the Best employee was quick to hand over the keys and appeared to ‘leg it’ as described by Mrs Kanareck in an interview with the Sevenoaks Chronicle. It was then that her mother spotted the many scratch marks all over the car, that made the vehicle look like “they had been made with a Stanley knife.”.

She has of course contacted Best Meet and Greet Gatwick, however, they have said she can expect a reply within 21 days – completely unsatisfactory we think everyone would agree. And this was only after she went to their offices to find them abandoned.

Speaking to the Chronicle, Mrs Kanareck said, “The company states on its website it keeps the cars in a secure compound, but obviously this isn’t true. I believe it leaves the cars on the street to be vandalised, maybe by local people as they are probably fed up with it. I have found another customer of Best Meet and Greet Gatwick on Facebook. She said she had exactly the same damage to her car on Thursday.”

The police have been informed and have issued the following statement, “It appears the victim’s vehicle has been parked in a street nearby and the damage happened then. Officers have been making enquiries and attempting to contact the company to speak to them but have been unable to make contact. Trading standards has been informed. The damage is being treated as deliberate, not accidental.”

The moral of the story… for Gatwick travellers only to book meet and greet parking with reputable, Gatwick Approved Operators. These authorised companies are the only ones to be allowed to pick up and drop off vehicles within the airport terminal forecourts. Their safe and secure parking compounds have passed the strict Chief of Police security measures and so have been awarded the highly sought after ParkMark award, and they have also been approved by the Trading Standards.