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Gatwick’s Top Modern Holiday Phrases

As Gatwick is in full swing of its busiest summer ever, the airport is helping the modern day traveller with some key holiday phrases.

Gone it seems are the days of asking where to get a map or sending postcards, instead it’s all about phone and Wi-Fi access.

In fact, 23% travellers want to learn “where can I charge my phone?” in their country’s native tounge and 16% wanting to learning “where’s the best place to get phone signal?” complied from research carried out by the airport.

And so, the UK’s second largest airport is helping its passengers by handing out a list of its top modern holiday phrases in a number of different languages throughout the summer – in French, Spanish, Swedish, Italian and Mandarin. What’s more, an audio guide has also been produced.

And top phrases are…

1. What is the Wi-Fi password?
2. Do you have a phone charger?
3. Do you take contactless payment?
4. Does this car have sat-nav?
5. Let’s take a selfie
6. Are there any vegan options?
7. Is there a gluten free option?
8. Are you on WhatsApp?
9. Where can I find a juice bar?
10. What do you think about Brexit?

Commenting, Wayne Tomlinson, Terminal Operations Manager, said: “Ahead of our
summer holidays many of us try and learn a few phrases to get us by.”