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Holidaymakers Parking in Crawley Streets

Crawley Borough Council is urging holiday makers to park fairly and considerately when flying out of Gatwick Airport.

The request comes as holiday makers have been seen parking in residential streets, and in some cases, meaning residents aren’t able to park in their own streets; in particular those on main airport bus routes.

Parking in streets for a substantial amount of time can often be a call out to vehicle theft. Car thieves that may operate in the area will be quick to notice that a vehicle has not moved for more than a few days – holiday makers parking for a fortnight, even a week, could expose themselves to petty damage or even theft, at worst.

Gatwick Airport has both short and long stay car parking facilities, plus it has a prestigious Approved Partner scheme in place for legal, decent and honest airport parking meet and greet operators.

Crawley Borough Council spokesman said, “We urge airport passengers to travel to and from Gatwick by public transport. “If you are driving please be considerate to residents in the town’s neighbourhoods and park in official Gatwick Airport car parks.”