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London Vote Gatwick Expansion

A new poll has revealed that 62% of London’s Councillors support expansion at Gatwick.

This is in contrast to just 38% supporting Heathrow’s bid.

Ahead of the London Mayoral election next month, 5th May, the YouGov survey of 239 Councillors saw that the major concern by those polled was noise and air pollution for local residents should Heathrow expand.

However, despite the majority of Councillor believing that Gatwick was the better bet for the environment, 46% felt Heathrow was better for the economy, Vs just 28% supporting Gatwick. Yet, 47% supported Gatwick as it was cheaper to the tax paper to expand here, against 20% for Heathrow. And the same amount, 47%, believed a second runway at Gatwick could be delivered quicker, against 23% in favour of Heathrow.

The UK’s second largest airport, and the World’s busiest single runway airport, commissioned the survey, as they add to their expansion campaign before the Government’s final decision; which is expected in the summer.

Speaking about the results of the surveys, Stewart Wingate, Gatwick Chief Executive, said, “After decades of delay, Londoners recognise that Gatwick expansion can actually happen and that it is time to finally close the book on Heathrow’s plans. The UK cannot afford years of more delay so let’s get on and build a new runway for Britain at the only airport that can deliver it.

“Air quality is a crucial issue for London so it is no surprise to see continued strong support for Gatwick expansion and real concern around Heathrow’s impact.”

In a separate poll, also conducted by YouGov, 44% of London residents supported Gatwick expansion, over 35% supporting their local airport, Heathrow.