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Strike Threat at Gatwick

A strike, set to hit in the run up to Christmas, is threatened at Gatwick.

The industrial action could reek havoc for holiday makers during the pre-festive period.

Union staff including maintenance workers, security personnel and fire-fighters are in a dispute over pensions.

The UK’s second largest airport owners, Global Infrastructure Partners are reportedly set to close workers’ final salary pension schemes as a result of a shortfall of £90 million, without proper consultation with Unions.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, a security worker at the airport, said, “They are trying to bulldoze it through even though they’ve just announced record profits. If there is no fire service it could shut down the whole airport,” the worker said.

A Unite representative said, “Gatwick is highly profitable and we believe rather than closing the scheme, steps can be made to make up the modest shortfall in the scheme,” the spokesperson added.