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Drunk Glasgow Passenger Jailed

A drunken passenger flying out of Gatwick Airport has been jailed.

34 year old Andrew Tosh, from Dundee, was flying with Thomas Cook Airlines, from Glasgow to Dalaman when a drunken incident took place.

The flight was forced to divert to Gatwick, shortly after take-off because Mr Tosh was behaving in a dangerous manor; with abusive behaviour whilst highly intoxicated. After landing, Mr Tosh was so he could be removed from the aircraft by airport security and police.

Charged at Lewes Crown Court, he was charged with, after admitting, threatening and abusive behaviour, sexual assault and being drunk on an aircraft. He was found guilty and given a nine month sentence.

Speaking about the incident, a Thomas Cook Airlines spokesperson said, “For the benefit of our customers’ and employees’ comfort and safety, we have a zero-tolerance approach to disruptive behaviour on our flights and, fortunately, incidents as serious as this are very rare. Currently, our booking systems don’t give us the ability to ban disruptive passengers permanently but we fully assisted Sussex Police and the Crown Prosecution Service in bringing this case forward and hope the victims in the incident are satisfied with the outcome.”