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Scottish Airports Reiterate Liquid Hand Luggage Rules

Despite the hand luggage liquids rule being in effect for nearly 9 years, Scottish travellers are still falling foul of the 100ml limits.

The country’s three largest airports have told The Scotsman that they are emptying 18 bins full of contraband, not once but a staggering three times a day!

The PR offensive comes in a bid to warn passengers of the importance of adhering to the rules surrounding hand luggage, as their busiest summer holiday period kicks in, in just a few weeks time. Even after the global terror attacks that caused the none forgiving rules, the airports say that little has changed over the years in both people’s understanding and following of the rules.

Massive queues are already building up as passengers pass through security, as passengers are being forced to have baggage searched and items confiscated.

To reiterate, all liquid items – including any food and drink products, creams, pastes and make-up products such as mascara and lipstick – must only be in quantities of 100ml or less. All products must be placed in one resealable, clear plastic bag – 20cm x 20cm. Only one of these bags is allowed per passenger.

Airport Chief Executive, Gordon Dewar, commented, “The whole airport, including our airline partners, are focused on fixing this issue and their support has been phenomenal. With the school holidays just around the corner, we’re calling on everyone travelling to be ready for security. You can do this easily and save time by ensuring all liquids, gels and pastes are 100ml or less and are presented in a clear plastic bag, outside hand luggage. If passengers want to take larger bottles then these should be checked in with hold luggage.”

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