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Guernsey Airport Improves Runway Safety With Pollite Frangible Approach Masts

Guernsey Airport has taken action to improve runway safety by investing in new green frangible approach masts.

The masts, from UK manufacturer, Pollite Ltd, make up part of a bigger £80 million runway redevelopment, with the masts holding new airfield ground lighting.

This is the first time that Pollite has been asked to design and manufacture frangible approach masts, as part of Guernsey’s ‘Airport 2040’ project, that do not follow the global ‘Aviation Yellow’ colour pattern. Instead, the masts at Guernsey Airport are covered with a green gel coat, in order to blend in with the natural environment. The deal marks the launch of Pollite’s brand new mid-hinged pole, specially designed with two hinges attached either side of the mast to enable it to be scaled down for easy maintenance.

Airport Director, Colin le Ray, explains why Guernsey Airport requested green masts “The typical aviation yellow masts would have been a complete contrast to the areas surrounding the runway. For this reason, the approach masts needed to be green as well as conforming to a defined, appropriate RAL standard colour.”