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Music to Your Ears at London City

It will bring music to your ears, literally, and it’s a UK airport first…

… London City Airport has started to play music to passengers as they queue to get through security.

The ambient mix of electronica and upbeat acoustic music is to enhance the passenger experience, creating a pleasant airport security environment.

Two different playlists – either ambient electronica or upbeat acoustic music – are broadcast throughout the day, with songs especially selected by music consultancy C-Burn. Musical artists played through the speaker system include Adele, Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard, Jason Mraz, and Gavin James.

So far the most popular tunes, by passengers and staff alike, have been from Ed Sheeran!
Speaking about the innovative idea, London City Airport’s Director of Customer Experience Melanie Burnley, said, “It takes passengers just 20 minutes or less to get from the front door of London City Airport to the departure lounge, and we wanted to enhance the customer experience with a soundtrack to security. So far we’ve had a very positive reaction to the musical addition – from staff and passengers alike – with Ed Sheeran currently the most popular artist.”

As a result, London City Airport has created a special playlist. To download it click the Spotify link .