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Luton Capacity Close to Breaking

The Government will soon have another South East air capacity problem on their hands before long, as Luton Airport looks to hit capacity 10 years earlier than planned.

The airport will be set to handle 18 million passengers in the forthcoming years.

The original forecast of reaching 18 million passenger was set for around 2026-28, however, the airport believe it could be sooner than 2020, given it already handles 15 million passengers.

A problem that local residents and campaigners are not at all happy about. Campaigners say they are ‘concerned for their skies and roads’, and claim that even more planes are using the airport’s flight paths.

However, the airport’s Operation’s Director, Neil Thompson, said, “Sometimes aircraft can be perceived to be closer than they actually are, and many are larger jets, with considerably wider wing spans, which are often perceived from ground level to be lower and closer to certain locations due to their size.”

However, Julian Griffiths, from Save Our Skies (SOS), a St Albans campaign group, told the Herts Advertiser, “Clearly St Albans is suffering some sort of optical illusion! We have asked the airport for information about where aircraft are actually flying and to date have not received a sensible answer.”