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Manchester Airport To Stage Emergency Operation

Manchester Airport is to conduct an emergency exercise this Thursday, 5th March, so all procedures and services can be tested for emergency situations.

Required by the Civil Aviation Authority every two years, the airport will carry out a situation as if an aircraft has come off the runway.

Flights throughout the exercise will operate as normal, as it will be carried out on runway two and therefore will not affect the airport’s day to day operations.

Speaking about the emergency operation, Rad Taylor, Manchester Airport’s Operations Director, said, “The exercise presents a challenge we hope we would never actually have to experience in reality, but we have to regularly train and be confident we have the plans and procedures in place to deal with any emergency situation.
We don’t want to give too much about the exercise scenario away, as we want it to be as real as possible for the staff involved, however we wanted to let people know beforehand that this was happening and reassure local residents and airport users that there is no cause for concern on the night.

Whilst the aircraft being used will not actually be off the runway, a full emergency response will still take place to act out the scenario, so passengers may see blue light activity from our emergency services colleagues. A number of staff and partner agencies from across the airport site will be taking part, however full resources will remain in place outside of the exercise should anything happen in ‘real life’ that requires their response.”