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Manchester Seizes Huge Cigarette Haul

Two travellers flying into Manchester Airport, who were caught in possession of large quantities of cigarettes and rolling tobacco, have been charged.

Attempting to smuggle into the UK a mix of cigarettes and tobacco, dodging more than £50,000 in tax, Ahmed Baraket, 34 of Bootle and Elaine Wright, 54 of Litherland, have been prosecuted.

The pair, appearing to be travelling separately, flew into Manchester Airport on the same flight from Sharma el-Sheikh, Egypt in January of this year.

With a personal allowance of just 200 cigarettes from Egypt, Mr Barakat was caught with 103,000 cigarettes and 13.5 kilos of rolling tobacco. Whilst Ms Wright was caught with 21,400 cigarettes and 5 kilos of tobacco.

The pair were sentenced at Liverpool Magistrates Court. Mr Barakat was given a 9 month suspended jail sentence for 12 months, with costs of £330 to pay, a £500 fine and 150 hours community service. Whilst Ms Wright was sentenced to a 26 week suspended jail sentence, £165 court costs, 150 hours of community service and a 12 month supervision order.