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Sealed Bag Alcoholic Beverage Trial

Two airports are to trial the selling of alcoholic duty free beverages in sealed bags.

In a bid to reduce the number of incidents involving drunken passengers, both Glasgow and Manchester airports are to place sold alcohol into sealed bags.

The trail comes after a number of airlines have written to the Government, airing their extreme concern over the growing number of alcohol related incidents.

Drunken passengers pose a huge health and safety risk to both the aircraft and fellow passengers.

Aviation Minister, Robert Goodwill, is an avid supporter of the trial, who said “We don’t want to stop passengers enjoying themselves, or prevent people from flying, but we do want to put the brake on before things get out of hand.”

Only recently a drunken British Airways passenger tried to open a door on a long haul flight.

Mr Goodwin added that airlines also need to look at their own policies over selling alcohol onboard an aircraft, with the Government making sure the enforcement is effective.