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Virgin Little Red Service Success At Manchester Airport

Virgin Atlantic’s Little Red domestic service out of Manchester has been confirmed as a huge success.

In just six months more than 250,000 passengers have flown on the service, far exceeding expectations.

Little Red out of Manchester is the airline’s first step in the short haul market, which runs domestic routes between Manchester Airport and Heathrow. It also operates a domestic service between Aberdeen and Edinburgh to Heathrow, allowing Scottish and Northern passengers to connect to services out of Heathrow Airport.

Joe Thomson, Director of Virgin Little Red, commented on the service, saying “When we launched Little Red was something new and different for Virgin Atlantic, for us to go into the domestic routes after 30 years of long haul. There was a certain amount of nervousness.”

Little Red has, as a result of its creation, created 49 new jobs at Manchester Airport.

The Manchester Little Red service operates four trips daily, using A320 aircraft which accommodates 174 passengers. Of which 75% of connect to international flights.

Mr Thomson also added that Virgin Atlantic were looking at increasing their long haul operations out of Manchester Airport shortly too.