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Police Investigate Passenger Disturbance on Jet2 Newcastle Flight

A flying ban has been issued to two passengers on a Jet2 flight following abusive and disruptive, dangerous behaviour.

So bad was the disturbance that police are now investigating the matter.

The two unnamed passengers are said to have boarded the Jet2 flight departing Newcastle to Cyprus on the 22nd July. The pair were heavily intoxicated and drinking their own alcohol, which is not allowed on any flight with any airline. They ignored constant pleas to stop swearing and damaging seats, causing much upset to fellow passengers. What’s more, their behaviour caused a half an hour flight delay.

Upon landing in Larnica, Cyprus, the two were met by Cypriot authorities.

Jet2 has now asked Northumbria Police to investigate the act of vandalism to its aircraft. The airline has also said it is to seek damages from the duo.

Speaking about the incident, Jet2’s Managing Director, Phil Ward, “Such disruptive behaviour is simply not tolerated under our Onboard Together programme which empowers our crew to use numerous measures to stamp it out, including issuing verbal and written warnings and, in this case, alerting the authorities. This is a growing problem which needs to be tackled by the industry as a whole. Passengers and crew should not have to put up with such offensive and unnecessary disruption and airlines should certainly not have to deal with aircraft damage.”