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Wizz Air launches guaranteed discounts for loyal customers

Wizz Air has announced the launch of the Wizz Discount Club, designed for loyal customers who travel as a group or buy more than one Wizz Air ticket per year.

The discount club membership guarantees a discount of £8.50 on all one-way flights on Wizz Air fares over £12.50 booked anytime during the one-year membership period. Club members and up to 9 family members or friends travelling in the same party are also eligible for the discounts.

The launch of the Wizz Discount Club follows the airline’s announcement earlier this year that it would launch several family friendly services and is an upgrade of the former “Exclusive Club” with which the airline assessed consumer preferences regarding discount offers.

Membership in the Wizz Discount Club is valid for one year for a one-time fee of £24.99 and its benefits are available for up to 9 people in the same booking.

In addition to the Discount Club, Wizz Air has extended its early web check in facility to two weeks before the scheduled departure time.