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Largest UK Airport Solar Panels at Southend Airport

Southend Airport has installed a staggering 9,500 solar panels, making it the largest at any UK airport.

The development, which started in November last year, took 100 workers just two months to complete, at a cost of £2 million, and is now officially registered with energy regulator, OfGEM.

In 2016 the airport will generate around 20% of their annual electricity from the solar farm.

Built by Stobart Developments, the 2.5 megawatt Solar Photovoltaic Array is situated on unused grassland at the north end of the airport.

Each 9,500 panel is mounted to a 3 meter high steel frame, across 2,600 piles and 37 rows. In a clever design, the panels do not omit glare onto approaching aircraft or the traffic control tower.

Speaking about the new solar site, Glyn Jones, Chief Executive Officer of Stobart Aviation that owns London Southend Airport says “Our new solar farm is actually the largest at a UK airport and supports one of our key objectives, which is reducing our carbon footprint and the electricity we require from the national grid network. We are delighted as London’s newest airport to have opportunities to introduce the latest ‘green’ initiatives as part of our development.”