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Charity Sale of Unclaimed Luggage

To raise valuable funds for the charity Magpas, Stansted Airport is selling off its unclaimed luggage.

Magpas Helimedix has been given a large collection of luggage that has been left at the airport, unclaimed, over the course of this year.

With a myriad of luggage, in all shapes and sizes, on offer lucky buyers could grab themselves a bargain.

The clever pull of the event is that the case, which will be sold including its contents, cannot be opened. So the contents of the case won’t be revealed until after it’s in its new owner’s hands. The idea is that it will be the actual suitcase that will appeal to prospective buyers, the contents more of a bonus.

The event, being run by Magpas, will be held at the Magpas Fundraising HQ in St Mary’s Street in Huntingdon, on Saturday 24th October, between 10am – 3pm.
Speaking about the innovative event, Stansted’s Baggage Lead Agents, Sarah Webb and Scott Hyam, said, “Magpas is a charity that’s there for everyone and anyone who needs them, so we wanted to raise money for them. Visiting the Magpas Operations Base just highlighted the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make this lifesaving service happen.”

It is hoped that the charity event will raise a generous amount of money.

Magpas are the emergency medical charity that supports the Air Ambulance service – Magpas Helimedix are a team of highly experienced and specialist doctors and paramedics who provide care at severe emergency medical incidents.

Speaking about the forthcoming event, former Magpas patient, and now volunteer fundraiser, Wendy Mason said, “Magpas saved my life, it’s as simple that. I encourage everyone to come along on the 24th October to do their bit and help support them.”