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Revised Flight Service Between Derry and Stansted

A new revised flight service is to launch in May by Bmi regional between the City of Derry and Stansted, doubling the service.

The service will operate twice a day, due to its regard as a ‘public service obligation’, having previously operated just once a day.

The revised service will fit in with business travellers as it flies at the start and the end of each day.

Prices will start from £44 one way, on sale from the middle of March.

Speaking about the service, Bmi regional’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jochen Schnadt, said, “Whereas previously business travellers between Derry and London have had to stay overnight in the city, they will now be able to commute there and back in a day, saving both money and time, and hopefully resulting in continued economic growth for the Derry region.”