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Important API Requirements on Your Holiday Booking

Passengers flying out of the UK are required to give Advanced Passenger Information Requirements before travel.

If like me you have booked your summer flight or holiday then be sure to take a close look at your booking confirmation paperwork! You will find details of API on here.

Why? Because travellers are now required to fill in their Advanced Passenger Information (API) details online before travel.

This important API information in the past was commonly passed on to Government Authorities via the airline at check-in for the purposes of border control. However now travellers are asked to pass this information on themselves.

API requirements need to be filled in between 6 months and 24 hours of travel. The company you have booked your flights and/or holiday with should provide an online link, through their own site, of where to do this.

The information that is required is that on each traveller’s passport. It’s fairly standard, including:

  • the full name carried on the passport
  • passport number
  • expiry date
  • sex
  • country that issued your passport

Sometimes, you may also be required to give other details such as address of your first night’s stay.

This information is required for every person travelling under each booking.

Failure to do this could result in you not being allowed to travel.

Please note however that the API information must not be confused with applying for a visa. Should you need a visa to enter the country you are travelling to you will still need to apply for a visa, and also you will still need to submit your Advanced Passenger Information before travel.

Please also note that customs and passport controls still apply.