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Airport Operators Association calls for reduction in APD

The Airport Operators Association (AOA) have made a Budget Submission to the Chancellor, George Osborne. The AOA asked the Chancellor to take account of the fact that Air Passenger Duty (APD), the UK’s unilateral tax, has increased by between 140% for short-haul flights and 325% for long-haul since 2007, when he sets his March Budget.

AOA Chief Executive, Darren Caplan, said: “Our research has shown that passengers departing the UK pay the highest level of aviation tax in Europe, amounting to 8.5 times more than the European average, at the top rate.

“The Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Chancellor have all stated the importance of the BRICs to the future growth of the UK economy. APD is at odds with this desire. It puts the UK at a significant competitive disadvantage against our European competitors, when trying to attract routes to these economies.”

He added, “Aviation is now in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), which we support as the best way to deal with emissions from aircraft in the absence of a global deal. However, revenues received by the Government from auctioning carbon credits simply mean that passengers face double taxation.

“We call on the Government to ensure that APD is not increased, but reduced by an equivalent amount to the revenue raised by ETS. In this way we can help to ensure that aviation can play its full part in connecting the economy for jobs and export-led growth, across all regions of the UK.”