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Brits Exaggerate Bad Reviews

Don’t believe everything you read, especially not, so it seems, travel reviews.

In fact, over a quarter of Britons have exaggerated their bad experiences on holiday. has carried out a survey that reveals the shocking means many travellers go to when writing reviews, and why.

Shockingly, one in eight, the survey shows, have threatened a bad review to get upgrades, extras and money off, of which 51% had said they had been successful.

The survey has the following findings, which make interesting reading…

• 23% have lied about or exaggerated a bad experience

• 13% have threatened to leave a bad online review

• 10% have refused to pay a bill

• 8% have lied about a special occasion citing birthdays, honeymoon or an anniversary for ‘added extras’.

• 22% of those polled had lied about the cleanliness of their room

• 14% have lied about noise disturbances

• 9% have lied about developing food poisoning on holiday

Speaking about the findings,’s Managing Director, Chris Clarkson, said: “I feel incredibly sorry for hotel and restaurant staff working in holiday resorts abroad. Hotels and restaurant rely a lot on good reviews only to drive custom and bookings, so it’s easy to see why threatening a bad review would make them bend over backwards to accommodate a customer’s request.”